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Studies Show Reading Keeps Kids out of Jail 👀

Studies Show Reading Keeps Kids out of Jail 👀

The fact is, studies show a mother's reading skills determine their child's academic success and keeps them out of jail. 😳 give yourself a break for all that time you feel guilty engrossed in a story instead of making dinner.

You have 2 options when they say, "I'm hungry...when's dinner?"

1. Tear yourself away from the story and put the e-reader down and make dinner OR

2. Tell them you're saving their future 😊 with just one more chapter.

Seeing is believing and if they see you reading, they're likely to become readers themselves. It's magical really...

No cajoling. No torture.

Just get comfy and read, especially if you have little eyes around.

And you can do it for an additional 15% off today.



WARNING: Do NOT attempt to read The China Pandemic until you read this.

I get letters everyday from frightened readers. The fact is, it was published in 2013. And it's a story of hope when humanity is at its worst. It's true that the story itself eerily mirrors what's happened today, only much, much worse. But's a story of man pulling together in the worst of times.

So, you can read it on your own... .

..or you can get it right now for **15**% off!

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Dawn of Deception Box Set


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Graham's Resolution, Book 6, The Wild West


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Talk soon,

AR Shaw

P.S. The **15**% sale ends **TOMORROW** at **noon** ...please don't pay full price...

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