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Best Post-Apocalyptic Books to Read if you Loved Road Warrior

Best Post-Apocalyptic Books to Read if you Loved Road Warrior

Best Post-Apocalyptic Books to Read if you Loved any of These Movies...


My personal favorite is Children of Men.
Why do we love post-apocalyptic movies so much?

Are we really that warped to enjoy seeing man in peril and at near destruction? Further more, what does it mean if you're the writer of such mayhem? 

This is a question I often receive with a sideways glance and a raised eyebrow. 👀

It's really about the hero quest and putting yourself in their shoes. It's about seeing the world through Graham Morgan's eyes or Bishop's, Dane's, or Sloane's. Life gets really thick when you have to act in order to save those you love and in the back of our minds, you know you're thinking...what would I do in this situation. Would I choose the blue pill? Would I walk away from the abandoned child? Would I kill a dangerous man so that others might live? It'll cost you in ways you never you have what it takes? Those are the questions we never say out loud.

It's the movies and the books that help us realize if we could walk ten miles on foot through the heat or the ice or swim in god knows what to retrieve the food or ammo we need to get to the next day. To continue to place one foot in front of the other even though we've been stabbed and beaten down...because you know's happened before. And it will happen again.

That's why our minds make us dream of the inevitable. 

I think it's also human nature to look ahead and question our future. And it's, I suspect, also a look back and a longing for perceived simpler times or more precise the need for more control over our lives. Whatever the reason, here are a few book you'll likely enjoy if you are a lover of post-apocalyptic movies.
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