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🔥A Field Trip to my Narrator's Studio for Rebel Blaze 🚒 With 5-Emmy winning, Brian Callanan!

🔥A Field Trip to my Narrator's Studio for Rebel Blaze 🚒 With 5-Emmy winning, Brian Callanan!

And That's a Wrap!


Last Friday we took a field trip to visit Brian Callanan's Studio, the narrator for Remember the Ruin

Because he just finished the final chapter and I approved Rebel Blaze!


Rarely does an audiobook creation go on without a hitch. And I've got to say, Brian Callanan has done a spectacular job. Not only that, he just happens to be local to me and he was kind enough to invite us out to visit his studio, which is an opportunity few authors get.

So I said, YES! And took a video of him working while we were there.

Watch the Video


Many of my readers have asked why I don't narrate my own books. Narration is an art form that I respect and leave to the professionals.

  1. I cannot do other voices and I have a slight Texan accent.

  2. ​I write stories with emotion, and I'd probably break down; it's far too emotional to me.

  3. ​I want these stories narrated by a responsible professional. 

    I'm so grateful Brian has taken on the challenge! 

A Little about Brian Callanan


"Live life to the fullest! Brian is an 5-Emmy-winning TV journalist, an Audible Approved voice actor, an MC/auctioneer, and a video producer. He’s also a husband and dad who thrives on giving back to his community. His work is focused on delivering a message that resonates–whether that’s in a newscast, as an MC for a charity event, or via a compelling video or audio project."

More about
Brian Callanan


It will take about two weeks for Rebel Blaze to make its way through the approval process but when it does, you'll be the first to know!

In the meantime, Brian will get started on Wayward State and continue Dane's story! And I will continue writing the third book in the Remember the Ruin series, Grand Gesture!

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